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Entre algunos pensamientos que me saltan mientras veo The bold type, están:

Quiero una amiga como Sutton Brady que me cuente una y mil veces sus porquerías, y me aliente a hacer las mías. Quiero una Sutton, que me vista de gratis, me invite a fiestas sin importar que sea de las aburridas que no le acepte más de un trago — ella solo quiere que yo esté allí.

Quiero una amiga como Kat Edison que no me juzgue cuando le cuento que me gustan dos, porque a ella le gustan cuatro — todas mujeres. Quiero una Kat, que considere…

How cooking can help us go through the COVID-19 crisis sane, together and healthy

Illustration by Valeria Constante

Maria Gabriela Morán goes to sleep wondering what she’ll prepare for breakfast the next morning.

It’s been the same every single day during her current four-week quarantine for her and for her family of five.

That’s one of the perks of staying home with Morán, a 23-year-old culinary student in Guayaquil, Ecuador, who has used this time for practicing and sharing recipes on her Instagram feed, Cuquicooks.

“My followers believe I only think about food,” said Morán in Spanish. “And it’s actually true.”

I’m one of…

Earlier this year, Boston-based visual artist Evelyn Rydz was struggling to decide which of her Colombian mother’s recipes she would take to the next “Comida Casera” dinner.

Rydz has hosted these intimate, pot-luck meals since 2016, gathering strangers, neighbors, colleagues, friends, mentors — any women in her life — to share dishes inspired by other important women.

Then the coronavirus arrived in Boston and Rydz was faced with a different dilemma: how to adapt “Comida Casera” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rydz’s solution was to move the upcoming dinner online and host a recipe and story exchange that started with an…

I want to begin this piece with a confession: whenever someone asked me if I had tried Indian food, I was ashamed of answering with a big no. When one of my classmates found out about it, he instantly suggested we should have Indian food for his upcoming birthday.

Now, I can’t wait to tell the whole world that I FINALLY tried Indian food … and spoiler alert, it was amazing!

And If you are wondering, yes I did have the signature Indian dish everyone raves about: the one and only — chicken tikka masala.

Not only did I have…

While the novel coronavirus outbreak has created uncertainty for many in the journalism industry, it has also created an opportunity to tell powerful stories about the effects of the pandemic. A few weeks ago, as the virus began to spread in Latin American countries, 18 photographers began collaborating on a collective project named COVID LATAM.

“What we are looking for as a group is telling the story from our own roots as Latin Americans,” said Sebastián Gil Miranda, a photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and founder of the COVID LATAM project. Like most of the projects he develops, COVID…

Something amazing happened a month ago.

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, Latin trap and reggaeton icon, released his brand new album, “YHLQMDLG,” at midnight on Feb. 29. The name of the album is short for the Spanish yo hago lo que me da la gana, which translates to I do whatever I want.

He had announced it some time ago, and the excitement was clear from what I could read on my Twitter timeline.

When the day arrived and “YHLQMDLG” was released, users were tweeting about it, calling this 20-song album a creation “straight from the bible” and praising its…

I’ve been willing to avoid writing about the pandemic, but I’ve realized it’s quite impossible to just ignore what we are all living today. It’s just the same that happened in my city Guayaquil, Ecuador. We thought the outbreak and the crisis was far away from us, and now we are one of the most affected cities in Latin America. Sad, but the truth.

Nevertheless, while most families are locked down in their houses and COVID-19 news reign social media posts and headlines in the city, there’s something else that it’s all over social media while in quarantine, and that…

As I do in most of the “Pizza, Press & Politics” discussions I have attended, I learn a lot and reflect on where I’m going with my journalism career.

Source: Emojipedia.org

In this particular virtual session, where Dan Kennedy sponsored pizza through his phone, education was an important factor that got into the conversation.

At first, Chris Krewson, Lion Publishers executive director, and Jennifer Lord Paluzzi, founder, and editor of Grafton Common, shared with the audience the story on how they ended up in the local news scene. …

Growing up in a Latin American family meant that more than once I heard my grandma saying to stay away from the pipi. And by pipi, she meant the penis.

“Never kiss standing up,” she said frequently, a thing I never completely understood until I discovered what an erection was. Another classic was “don’t open your legs,” because she said there was no going back after that.

What is depicted on TV shows like “Jane the Virgin,” where the main character’s Venezuelan grandmother compares virginity to a precious flower that we have to preserve, wasn’t that far from my reality.

I recently found an excellent Opinion series published in The New York Times called “On Campus,” a collection of columns written by (and I think for) college students, professors, college officials and everyone related to university life. I enjoyed going through some of them as a college student because they invited me to go through experiences from another point of view. There’s a particular one I enjoyed because it discusses the recent Spring break.

The article is titled “It’s Hard to Be Hungry on Spring Break and it’s written by Anthony Abraham Jack, an assistant professor of Education at Harvard…

María Silvia Aguirre

Amo las palabras. Soy periodista, redactora, lectora, escritora y tengo alma de profesora. Guayaquileña.

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